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Maps for the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park

Boundary Waters Maps
Quetico Provincial Park Maps
Waterproof map of Quetico Park

Digital Quetico Maps

Magical Maps™ is a software program specifically designed to help plan your canoeing & fishing trips into Quetico Park or the Boundary Waters Canoe Area as well as a 'multimedia album' to record and share all your canoe trip memories.

Digital Boundary Waters Maps

Plan your trip with the ultimate planning tool.
See a complete birds eye view of the whole Boundary Waters or Quetico on your computer screen or zoom in to a single campsite up close. Scroll around a seamless set of McKenzie maps in any direction and become free to follow your canoe route of choice.

Instantly zoom in/out and scroll around the full set of McKenzie™ Maps that cover either Quetico Park or the Boundary Waters. These are the same maps canoeists, outfitters and guides have been using, and updating, on BWCA/Quetico canoe trips for decades. (Click for screen shot)

Create a Multimedia album of your trips
by adding your files (scanned photographs, sounds, videos, web pages, notes, journals or any windows file to any location on the map. Magical Maps can help organize, preserve, and retrieve all of your Boundary Waters or Quetico memories.

So you actually go other besides the BWCA or Quetico?
No problem! Load your own high resolution map file with the Load Map program (included free) and start zooming in and out, adding links, or printing screen shots from them too.

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