Tanner to Darky River

Quetico portage
Posted by: Thomas Taylor
Season/Year: Summer 96
Water Level: average
Length: 5000 meters
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The portage is NOT properly marked on many maps, (Surveys and Mapping Branch, Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources Topo Map of Poohbah Region) and not where one would think it should be by the lay of the land. It is about 750 yards NE of where shown. We made the mistake of going deeper(south)into the narrows of the outlet which is guarded by a small island. We probably spent one and a half hours bushwhacking, before changing our tactic by slowly combing the shore to the NE. It is a rather pretty portage, once you have found it, and ends at a beaver stream in the middle of swampy moose country. When you get to the stream,(Andrews Creek) go right, heading west. We encountered several beaver dams, and enjoyed a very close encounter with a big bull moose while I was pulling the loaded canoe over a dam. The serpentine narrow stream was difficult to negotiate at times, but would be impossible to portage. You just have to muck your way through it before eventually getting to the south flowing Darky River.

Lake after portage: Darky River
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

No campsites till you get to Darky Lake.

Portage from Darky River into:
Burt Lake

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