William to Conmee

Quetico portage
Posted by: phlegm
Season/Year: Spring 97
Water Level: average
Length: 90? rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:
Dan M.

Portage Description:
A slight uphill gradient, very untrodden, but otherwise a walk in the park. The only major obstacle was avoiding the poison ivy. Two of our party did not. Going the other way, finding the portage could be tricky, it's in a very well hidden cove in a very well hidden bay. Trust your Canadian Gov't map on this one.

Lake after portage: Conmee
Known campsites: 2
Lake Description:

Very nice, fairly remote. Average clarity, unremarkable color. The island campsite has been trashed over the years however. We pushed on to Suzanette after our disappointment with the campsite.

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