Wolseley to Bearpelt

Quetico portage
Posted by: Jim J Solo
Season/Year: Summer 04
Water Level: low
Length: 12, 40, 25 rods
Rating: average
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Portage Description:
There are 3 different portage trails with 2 large beaver dams between each portage, total 4 BD's that are too tall to drag a loaded canoe over. The beaver dams you just make your own way on whatever looks solid enough get up and over on. The first portage take-out is on the east side of Bearpelt Creek as it comes into Wolseley, just in from the lake. The beaver dams are spaced out enough to raise the water levels of Bearpelt Creek enough to paddle most of the creek with only a few soggy old beaver dams to pass over in between the larger fresh ones. The middle portage is on the west side of the creek and up a small side channel, but you'll begin to see the reason for the portage and might be wading upstream with the boat by then. All the trails are narrow but were clear of blowdowns when I went in June/04. The last portage is on the east side of the creek and there's lots of chains and iron left from the loggers above the portage. You'll paddle upstream and come out from behind a large rock island with a few good trees growing on it and enter the channel between Bearpelt Lake and Cub Lake.

Lake after portage: Bearpelt
Known campsites: 6
Lake Description:

I don't remember any good camps on Bearpelt, but there are at least 2 on Cub and 4 nice ones on Omeme, especially on the north side between the west and east parts of Omeme. The channel between Bearpelt, Cub, and Omeme was low in June/04 and I had to wade the boat some, but in July/01 it was an easy paddle through. Nice remote part of the park without traveling too far, nobody wants to do the Quetico/Badwater portage. You will hear the planes flying into Beaverhouse though.

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