Other Man to Unnamed*
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Quetico portage
Posted by: Eric G
Season/Year: Summer 03
Water Level: low
Length: 39 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Randy Pfeifer

Portage Description:
Don't let the 39 rods fool you. This portage was much more difficult than the length indicates. For starters, there are two landings on the Other Man side. Both are slippery and drop off quickly. If you can, use the landing on the right. The landing on the left has a trail that splits, and unless you know better, it will lead you nowhere. To be sure, scope out the first 15 rods or so. Toward the end of the portage, the trail splits and crosses a 5 rod area of suckmud. Both paths cross it and can get about waist deep into the mud if you're not careful. I found the right path had a few more logs for footholds than the left. After the bog, there is a huge rock face that you must climb. Get to the top and take a left. You'll be able to see the water. It's steep to the water, but you shouldn't have any problems if you go slow.

Lake after portage: Unnamed*
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

Small lake that we just paddled through. Nothing much to speak of.

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