Misquah to Little Trout

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Ken E. Brown
Season/Year: Summer 94
Water Level: unsure
Length: 190 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Dan Groebe

Portage Description:
I nearly rated this portage a "never again", however, never is a long time and young bucks may be able to handle it better than us old ones. This was all types of portages you donąt want wrapped up into one: all manner of bad footing - rocks, roots, wet, and whatever; multiple swamps; multiple hills (steep ones), and; a goodly distance to boot. I do think this was part of the area hit by the July 4th, 1999 wind storm, so it may have changed significantly.

Lake after portage: Little Trout
Known campsites: 4
Lake Description:

Little Trout is a larger lake for this part of the BWCA. It is also very deep and is certainly a lake trout lake. We had no luck on Smallmouth bass nor walleye in this lake. Very likely there are none.

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