Moose to Wind

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Brian Johnson
Season/Year: Summer 99
Water Level: high
Length: 175 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
This is a busy portage as it leaves Moose Lake which is the busiest entry in canoe country. The portage is easy to find and has a nice landing site. This is a part of the area that was hit by the storm July 4, '99, and the change is incredible. What used to be a 1/2 mile walk along a shady forest path is now devoid of trees. The crews did an amazing job of clearing the path and now you walk through a twisted mass of tree parts piled along both sides of the path. The portage itself is not difficult, though somewhat tiresome. It climbs more than 100 feet over Moose Lake before dropping a similar distance to the shore of Wind lake.

Lake after portage: Wind
Known campsites: 7
Lake Description:

This is a rather large lake, especially from west to east, and is aptly named since the winds tend to blow in this direction. The lake has a large population of 2-3 lb. northern and some nice largemouth bass. Only a few walleye and smallmouth are present. At least 4 of the campsites were heavily damaged and they are in useable but sorry condition.

Portage from Wind into:
Basswood* *Wind Bay

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