Adventure Lake to Jordan Lake

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Keeler's
Season/Year: Summer 07
Water Level: low
Length: 58 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
We got to the east bay of Adventure Lake 40 minutes before we lost all daylight and we were packing heavy and triple portaging. We were very tempted to try to float the easy "looking" stream to the right. We sent a group up to scout it, they reported a few deadfalls just out of sight, so we carried the portage.

The take-out on Adventure Lake was pretty nice, shallow with gravel. The path had decent footing and the grade was easy enough. As we passed the 3/4 point we looked down the 75 ft hillside to the south and saw a long shallow rapids that was criscrossed with deadfalls, driftwood and every other kind of fallen wood. Good thing we carried.

I would have rated this portage as average except for the last 100 yards was a slippery sand and rock 45 degree climb down to the Jordan put-in. Had the cut steps and log reinforcements not been there it would not have been possbile to make the three trips in the light we had left.

Lake after portage: Jordan Lake
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

We got into Jordan after complete darkness had fallen. One group went north and found the campsite occupied. We eventually found the middle campsite and it was not occupied. Very nice site. Nice canoe port space (pretty quick drop off to deep water though), big tenting area. Enough space for four tents, a screen kitchen and a dining fly. Great view of most of the lake. I left a logging chain next to the fire grate.

We looked at the site in the south bay one day while fishing. Very pretty mature pine trees all around, had it not been surrounded by ten acres of shallow water/mosquito farm we might have considered it. The seven days we were at the center camp, no one stayed at the south camp.

All the fish we caught were either in the channel or the bays leading to the channel. We marked a lot of fish on the rock humps in Jordan, just never caught any.

Jordan Lake has two swimming areas. The bay by the west portage for normal swimming, our teenagers paddled there several days because it was shallow enough to be warm and clear enough they could see the bottom. The other area doesn't involve much swimming, more jumping into the water. The channel from the east bay, leading to the Ima Lake portage has a big rock face (30 ft) that is famous for jumping and a lesser known smaller rock face (15 ft) regular trekkers to the area know about, further up the channel.

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