Boundary Waters and Quetico Equipment Lists


Canoe Camping Checklists

When camping a days travel (or more) from your take-out, forgetting anything can mean the difference between a great trip and a miserable trip. Here's a few lists to jog your memory when packing.

Equipment List maker
This is a gear list created by visitors. Campers like yourself, they added things they thought were important. There's some must "haves" and some odd stuff but all were added thoughtfully. You can select what gear and equipment you need for your own style of camping and print a personalized gear list

Clothing checklist
This is what's considered "normal" if there is such a thing when it comes to clothing and you can get by with a lot less in summer.

Canoe Camping Skills checklist
A few basic skills you shouldn't leave home without.

Top Ten ways to know if you're ready for a canoe trip.
This is just a tongue in cheek Letterman type top 10 list of things.

Top Ten     Canoe Camping Skills     Clothing Checklist     Gear List

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