Nina Moose to Moose River

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Tom Kendall
Season/Year: Fall 01
Water Level: low
Length: 25 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Mike H.

Portage Description:
There are actually 2-3 different portages along the Moose River leading to entry point 16 on the echo trail. These are all reasonably short (10-30 rods each), but typically have very muddy pull-outs and/or put-ins. More significant is the river itself. It is a narrow, winding creek chock full of rocks, shallow sandbars, beaver & flood debris. Closely hemmed in by willows and steep mud banks on each side, and a frequently noticeable current that will veer a canoe, this is not so much a pleasant paddle as a chore. But I was able to do it single handed from the stern of a large tandem canoe, so it is definitely navigable.

Lake after portage: Moose River
Known campsites: None at all
Lake Description:

N/A See description of "river" above. Ain't no river in my book... barely rates the name "creek". More like "crick", as in "up the crick without a paddle".

Portage from Moose River into:
Entry #16
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