North Kawishiwi River* to North Kawishiwi River - Farm
*(Lake One to Farm Part #7)

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Jim DeVries
Season/Year: Summer 02
Water Level: low
Length: 10 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Portage is to the west of the rapids that turn the river south. An easy and wide portage, good landings on both sides. Rapids is easy enough to run for an experience paddler if you want to avoid the carry. One campsite just south of the portage on the west side, just as the river narrows and the current slows. The next campsites are both very close to the Farm Lake entry point.

Lake after portage: North Kawishiwi River - Farm
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

River is narrow and heads south. You will then turn west, past the Haystack Rocks (you'll understand when you see them). Portage to Clear Lake is in the bay directly south of the Haystack Rocks, North Kawishiwi continues directly west from them into a narrows with two areas of swift current. Once through this narrows, it is directly west to the Farm Lake entry with no more portages to get to the end. There is a portage into Pickerel Lake on the north side of the river (separate post).

Portage from North Kawishiwi River - Farm into:

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