Roe to Cap

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Bryan Kegler
Season/Year: Fall 03
Water Level: high
Length: 100 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The portage isn't bad at all. You finally start to feel like your in the woods and don't see much traffic. Finding the portage is the bear. Be careful in the muck on the east end of the lake.... or should I say the middle of the lake. It is there you will find a big boulder that you should stay clear of. I got out there and sunk to my waste in the swamp. The bog isn't as sturdy as you might think. If I hadn't leaped towards the boulder and my feet actually hit it while sinking who knows what would have become of me.

The boulder is the key to finding your way. On the south end of that swamp area near the boulder you'll find a small slip stream through the muck. Stay close to the south shore and then when getting near the floating bog at the east end you'll slip stream up north to find a small channel that meanders all the way to the east end of Roe. You'll want to look on the north side of the channel as it progresses, and it will meander due north a good ways before the channel actually takes you to the very end of the lake getting narrower and then a y forms... you've gone to far if you've made it to the end of the lake. Go back. The portage seems obvious once you find it, but it was a challenge for me to find.

Roe is not my favorite lake. It's nasty, down right foul, and on the dangerous side. Be careful if you have to get out and walk around, and only do so on the bog. Don't get out in the swamp area. Test the bottom with your paddle and don't trust that. If your paddle keeps going down, so will you.

Lake after portage: Cap
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

None, Thank God! Who would ever think of staying on this lake when Sagus, Cap, Boulder, etc is near?

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