Rose to Rove

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: JonB
Season/Year: 96
Water Level: average
Length: 620 rods
Rating: never again
Additional Perspectives:
ymca camper
Bill Norton

Portage Description:
Long Portage - Note: I traversed this portage at night in the rain with bugs, different conditions may make it better. On the positive side, this portage is lightly used and not overly hilly. On the negitive side, it runs through swampy areas and has (slippery when wet) split log walkways to keep you out of the water. At some points, I found it easier to walk in the swamp. The portage seems to never end, it is 620 Rods or about 2 miles. I would recommend taking it in one trip if possible, the thought of going back to get the other packs when you've finally reached the end can be hard on the morale.

Lake after portage: Rove
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

Rove lake is nice, I don't remember there being any camp sites on it though, or the next lake to the east.

Portage from Rove into:

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