Argo to Darky

Quetico portage
Posted by: Pat Stoiber
Season/Year: Spring 99
Water Level: average
Length: 126 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
This was an easy portage. Some of the portage is over a giant smooth rock and moss has worn away were the portage comes in contact with it, thus giving you the feel like your walking on a sidewalk at times. Also notice the giant ancient deadfalls that were once across the portage have been since been sawed.

Lake after portage: Darky
Known campsites: 6
Lake Description:

A large deep water lake with great fishing and accesses to other lakes. All the campsites are nice. The NE campsite is very large and sits in a pocket of red pines. It will fit several tents easily. We spotted moose swimming in the bay directly behind this site. Another site where we camped was on the large peninsula on the eastern part of the lake. This campsite is very elevated and open. The Darky river flowing from Brent is a good spot to catch early season Smallmouth and also Walleye at dusk. Lake trout also inhabit the waters but I never fished for them. Be careful on this water when it is windy out, the white horses can really pick up.

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