Argo to Crooked
The long one -
(north of Friday bay)

Quetico portage
Posted by: Labvolt
Season/Year: Summer 98
Water Level: average
Length: 230 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The portage is not as bad as some may say, although really wet conditions could get ugly. There is nice bass fishing in the bay before the portage. We could see the smallies hit our lures in the clear-aqua water. We were advised by an outfitter to avoid this portage. I would do it again in almost any conditions.

The portage starts in a sandy bay of Southeast Argo. The trail follows the ridge of a hill. About half way, the portage dips down to a tall grass field that is marshy in some areas. The trail winds through reeds and could get nasty in wet weather (although it rained the day before we took the portage and it was OK). The portage cuts along the edge of the swampy area (traveling south, the swamp will be on the left (East) side) and then rises slightly to a campsite on Crooked. I would not recommend the site.

Lake after portage: Crooked
Known campsites: 8+
Lake Description:

Crooked is a completely different lake than Argo: the water is stained and there are lots of walleye (none in Argo).

Portage from Crooked into:
Middle Roland
Little Roland

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