Fishing in the Boundary Waters and Quetico


Fishing Quetico and the Boundary Waters
Handling the Fish you catch.

Lake Trout:
Lake trout are not especially dangerous to handle although they do have substantial teeth. Lake trout teeth are more stout and seem somewhat less sharp than northern pike or even walleye teeth. I've been able to use fish handling gloves to lip land the largest trout despite the teeth. I would not attempt this without the gloves however.

A note about putting fish on a stringer: almost all species of fish have a very thin but tough area of skin stretched between and across the bones of the lower jaw. The pointed metal end of the stringer can be poked through this skin up into and out of the mouth with the rest of the string looped around lower jawbone. Fish will stay alive indefinitely if secured this way rather than through a gill. If you intend to tow fish alongside the canoe for any distance, it may be wise to poke the pointed end of the stringer through both lips thereby sealing the mouth mostly closed and creating less drag when moving forward.

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