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Quetico and the Boundary Waters Fishing

Live bait:
NOTE: Changes concerning live bait and barbed hooks are pending for Quetico park but as of this writing in 2007 have not been finalized. If you choose to use live bait please be aware of the specific regulations in the area you intend to fish.

Though some types of live bait are currently allowed in the parks, I have never used it. I'm sure that live bait will out perform artificial bait most of the time, however, I personally have never found its use necessary to catch lots of fish during a typical canoe trip. Additionally, live bait has special needs for keeping it lively and useful during your trip that I have never found to be worth the effort. I suppose there are times very early in the season just after ice out when having and using live bait is essential to catching fish, but I suspect many beginning fisherman will not choose this time of year for their trips.

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