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Quetico portage
Posted by: Ken Bringe
Season/Year: 03
Water Level: average
Length: 23 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The portage is a little tricky to find because it hidden by a large boulder. Canoe past the opening to the rapids and around the boulder. The portage begins to the right of the rapids.

Lake after portage: Glacier
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

Glacier is a deep clear lake. It is surrounded by high cliffs. There is not a campsite on the Island as some maps suggest. There is a nice site just east of the island on the shore in front of the high cliffs. There is another site down the way on the same side and one on the southern end of the lake. There is supposed to be one at the top of the portage leading to McEwen Creek but I wouldn't camp there.

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