Cecil to Unnamed*
*North of Tuck

Quetico portage
Posted by: Ho Ho
Season/Year: Fall 05
Water Level: low
Length: 82 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
This is another easy portage -- assuming you start in the right place! It does not begin in the place marked on Fisher (southwest tip of Cecil across from cliffs), but instead starts in the little bay just north of that tip and the campsite there. If you go this way, you will fly through to the beautiful sandy beach landing on Unnamed and will not even notice the uncleared ancient trail branching off to the left halfway through. Similarly, if going in the opposite direction from Unnamed to Cecil, you'll never notice the wrong route but quickly come to the landing on Cecil on the little bay north of the campsite point.

If, instead, you go where Fisher shows the start of the portage, you will face a semi-challenging take out and start up a steep bank, then you will follow an overgrown but obvious trail, then you will come to a T (go right), then the trail is really overgrown for 10 rods, then you will come to another T (go left), and now you are on the right trail. Not bad, except it is confusing. So start at the right place!

Lake after portage: Unnamed*
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

The PCD marks two campsites on Unnamed, and I would not doubt they are there but did not verify. This is a pretty lake at a crossroads of three lakes and really does deserve a name (why not Ho Ho Lake?!?).

Note that back on Cecil there is a campsite by the portage but the other one marked on the PCD does not appear to exist.

Portage from Unnamed* into:

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