Conk to Quetico

Quetico portage
Posted by: Josiah Hodgett
Season/Year: Spring 04
Water Level: average
Length: 18 rods
Rating: easy
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Portage Description:
Although Conk Lake is typically not a destination point for back country Lakers, it is a scenic lake. The portage going down from Conk into Quetico is just fine, unless it is raining out. The majority of the short portage runs over a large portion of exposed rock. Quetico is actually at a lower altitude then Conk, and there is a very scenic waterfall running between the two lakes. In the Spring, the water will be running a little faster than normal, so you may want to take heed not to "shoot the falls". There is a large log that blocks off the main flow of water at the top of the falls (Conk side). On the Quetico side, I recommend reloading your canoe away from the waterfall area, or if you have more than one canoe in your group, you could go next to the falls and farther to the right away from the falls, to expedite the portage. I don't remember the compassed-based directions, but as you approach the falls from Conk Lake, the portage will be on the LEFT side. As you approach from Quetico Lake, it will be the RIGHT. Have a nice trip!

Lake after portage: Quetico
Known campsites: 5
Lake Description:

Quetico...and good luck paddling Quetico if it gets windy out, that 3-mile wide bay at the other end up Quetico can sure toss up some big waves. If per chance it is windy, take the West Bay on Quetico, which includes the minute portage across the peninsula their. If it is not windy out, then I would recommend taking an extra half-day to paddle up that 3-mile bay and check out the pictographs on the cliffs, they are real neat.

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