Cole to Cirrus

Quetico portage
Posted by: rick00001967
Season/Year: Summer 07
Water Level: low
Length: 900 meters
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Fred Bear

Portage Description:
What can i was pretty tough. If you are on your own carrying all the gear then be sure to have a snack and some fluids before starting this one - especially if it is hot. If you are sharing the duties with a partner then it is not going to kill ya. LOL. From Cole it is a slight uphill trail until you hit about the last few hundred mtrs. Then it is sharply downhill. I`m still not sure which was worse....going into Cirrus or coming back out. LOL. Take your time and take a break (or two) and it should be ok for most people. On the way back, we carried our two loads to the top of the hill to get that part over with. There is a bit of a cleared spot there to put your gear off to the side. Be sure to check out the falls. We had low water while there so we could walk up the giant rock formation. We even went for a soak in the cold water pools near the top. It was my son`s favorite part of the trip. I`d love to see it with high water. It must be quite awesome.

Lake after portage: Cirrus
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

Some good smallmouth fishing in the little bay right after the portage.

Portage from Cirrus into:
Unnamed* between Beaverhouse and Cirrus

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