Kawishiwi River* to Kawishiwi River*
*(Lake One to Farm Part #4)

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Jim DeVries
Season/Year: Summer 02
Water Level: low
Length: 5 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Just a quick up and over going around a neat little water fall. Extremely rocky on west end, low water levels and current from the water fall made it difficult to get back into the canoe.

Lake after portage: Kawishiwi River*
Known campsites: 8+
Lake Description:

Continuation of the Kawishiwi River west. Numerous camp sites. Eventually you will get to the point where the Kawishiwi splits into the North and South Kawishiwi Rivers. Parts 5 and up are for the rest of the portages on the North Kawishiwi all the way to the Farm Lake entry point. Only two or three campsites after the split, plus one on Conchu Lake (not recommended) to the next portage.

Portage from Kawishiwi River* into:
Kawishiwi River* *(Lake One to Farm Part #3)
Kawishiwi River* *(Lake One to Farm Part #4)
North Kawishiwi River* *(Lake One to Farm Part #5)

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