Side to Sarah

Quetico portage
Posted by: Eric Bailey
Season/Year: Spring 02
Water Level: average
Length: 112 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:
Uncle Yancy
Dan Orr

Portage Description:
From Side Lake this is your entry point into Sarah. You'll find the portage on the northwest shore of side marked with several blazes. The beginning of the portage has been used as a campsite which can lead to confusing. That rock ledge is the start of the portage. You'll find a great landing that rises with a trail which rises for the first 40 rods. Once you're there it is all down hill. The trail turns north and desends quickly. As you decend, the trail turns west and flattens. A sandy beach ends the portage.

This portage is the last for several attempting to get to Sarah that first day. Take care to be alert descending this last trail.

Lake after portage: Sarah
Known campsites: 6
Lake Description:

Sarah has several campsites. The most often used is the island campsite right after the 112 r. portage. If you head west along the northern shore and through the narrows you'll find a campsite in the channel and another just 15 minutes paddle up the shore.

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