Kenny to Kawnipi

Quetico portage
Posted by: Dan Williamson
Season/Year: Spring 00
Water Level: average
Length: 4 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
This portage is around Kennebas Falls and connects Kawnipi and Kenny Lakes. As you approach this portage from either direction you must exercise caution as the landings are less than a canoe length from the top and bottom of the falls. The portage itself is just a very short carry. It is easiest to just remove the heavy packs from the canoe and leave everything else inside. Each person can wear a pack and grab an end of the canoe and carry it to the other side. The landing at the top of the falls has room for only one canoe at a time and is right at the brink of the falls. Hug the shore as you approach. When you land the bowman must get out quickly and pull up the canoe to keep the stern out of the fast current. You may need the guy in the stern for the remainder of your trip, so take care of him! Each canoe should wait until the landing is cleared by the previous canoe before approaching. When approaching from downstream, you will canoe up some fast water before you get to the portage. There is a "sweeper" tree along the right bank in the fast water which you must clear before you hug the right bank to the portage. Be careful not to get broadside to the current as you maneuver around the tree. There's really only room to unload one canoe at a time at the landing below the falls, but there's plenty of quiet water where other canoes can wait.

Lake after portage: Kawnipi
Known campsites: 8+
Lake Description:

Kawnipi lake lies below Kennebas Falls. There are a lot of campsites on Kawnipi, but until you get to Kawa Bay you will find few decent sites due to the 1995 fire. The best two sites we found were on the first point on the right shoreline as you enter Kawnipi, or else on a small island in Atkins Bay.

Portage from Kawnipi into:
Kahshawpiwi Creek
Kahshahpiwi Creek

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