Keewatin to Williams

Quetico portage
Posted by: James Janega
Season/Year: Summer 05
Water Level: average
Length: 50 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Starts on lake named Keewatin on Fisher maps and unnamed lake on other maps between Kawnipi and northwest bay on Agnes Lake. An easy portage, but difficult to find the entrance. It's in the corner where the north side of the west shore's peninsula meets the west shore. Push the saplings aside if it hasn't been cleared yet this season. Explore inland until you see the suddenly very clear trail. It plops you into a delightful stream you can follow all the way (maybe one more obvious short portage?) into Williams Lake, where you'll be alone. You can follow Hurlburt to Trant to the northeast arm of Kahshahpiwi in a single day.

Lake after portage: Williams
Known campsites: 1
Lake Description:

Winding, secluded, and a place where I saw a belly flopping trout so big one July evening I was briefly spooked, thinking of Nessie and how no one would find my desiccated bones out here. All these lakes between Agnes and Kahshahpiwi are pristine. Please tread gently.

Portage from Williams into:
Ahsin B

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