Entry #14 to Little Indian Sioux River

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: Tom Kendall
Season/Year: Fall 01
Water Level: average
Length: 60 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:
Brian Johnson

Portage Description:
All down hill from the parking lot (would be tougher coming back), reasonably good shape with no mud. Some glacial slickrock to traverse. Put-in is wide, little or no mud, with small rocks and boulders (read hull-scrapers).

Lake after portage: Little Indian Sioux River
Known campsites: None at all
Lake Description:

Little Indian Sioux river is wide, deep, and well mannered. This stretch winds gently (no severe oxbows) through marshy bottoms. Plenty of beaver, and likely moose (didn't see any though).

Portage from Little Indian Sioux River into:
Upper Pauness
Little Trout

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