Entry #26 to Wood

Boundary Waters portage
Posted by: kenwilson
Season/Year: Summer 03
Water Level: low
Length: 180 rods
Rating: average
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
180 Rod portage. That being said, the only complaint is the length. The portage is well maintained. The only problem is the entry into Wood is very mucky, so prepare for that. Also, lots of lazy outfitters leave their boats at the end of the portage, making entry more difficult for the rest of us that haul ours out.

Lake after portage: Wood
Known campsites: 5
Lake Description:

Clear lake, fairly shallow with a few deep points. My main comment with this lake is the openness of the campsites. It was virtually impossible to get out of the sun (so bring a tarp). Good for swimming and fishing (Northerns on the edge of the weed beds in the eastern protion of the lake). Not very used entry point because of the length of the entry portage.

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