Basswood* to Poacher
*Inlet Bay

Quetico portage
Posted by: Pondo
Season/Year: Summer 99
Water Level: average
Length: 331 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:
Kent Weil

Portage Description:
Goes through a swampy area as you get to Poacher lake. VERY many mosquitoes early/late in the day, so best to portage during noontime. Had 2 close (too close) encounters with big big moose on the trail. Long portage, but not at all hilly - but may be harder now, after the storm.

Lake after portage: Poacher
Known campsites: 2
Lake Description:

The long portage is well worth it. This is an extremely secluded, totally peaceful lake. The lake trout are plentiful all around the main lake point, and the marshy north shore is prime northern spawning habitat. I haven't caught any huge (15#+) pike here (yet), but given the out-of-the-way location and primo big pike traits, I believe this is trophy water. Please keep it that way-catch, photo, and RELEASE the big ones.

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