Brent to Cone

Quetico portage
Posted by: Labvolt
Season/Year: Summer 01
Water Level: average
Length: 180 rods
Rating: difficult
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The landing at Brent is usually very muddy with an unpleasant odor. There is a mud-bog section in the middle of the portage that has corduroy in various stages of repair. Several season ago my wife stepped into the bog area and found it was several feet deep. We have returned several times and would always recommend knee-high boots. There is a steep rock section leading out of the bog area toward Cone that can be very slippery when wet.

If you choose to wear two packs (front and back) on this portage, you will find it challenging to find foot-placements in many areas.

Lake after portage: Cone
Known campsites: not sure
Lake Description:

Very pretty aqua-blue clear water. Smaller lake. Trout in lake.

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