Basswood* to Burke
*Bayley Bay

Quetico portage
Season/Year: Summer 02
Water Level: average
Length: 90 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:
Jay Timmerman
Ed Stevens

Portage Description:
The portage between Bayley Bay and Burke Lake is easy. A good but deceiving portage to start a trip and a welcome wide flat sandy portage to end a trip. It can be a bit of a highway entering Quetico. A nice sandy beach to bathe or camp on your way out to Prairie. Beach could hold several tents. On the Burke side there are 2 - 3 nice island camp sites, but get there early. Great smallmouth fishing on the Bayley Bay side. Check the coves to the left on your way back to prairie portage.

Lake after portage: Burke
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

Portage from Burke into:
Basswood* *Baley Bay

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