Beaverhouse to Quetico

Quetico portage
Posted by: Phebe Vance
Season/Year: Summer 97
Water Level: average
Length: 24 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
The interesting part of the portage is getting there! There is a chute of fast water just before you get to the portage landing and take out. They say that there are a lot of fishing poles and cameras on the bottom there! If you make it up the chute, the landing is OK, lower water making it easier to land. You have to go straight in and the bottom is pretty firm. You climb steeply up for about 5 yards, then you enter a meadow. You can take the low road along the falls and see the old logging relics at the top of the falls. Or, you can go straight and walk past an old car, left from logging days. The put in is easy, at the top of the falls.

Lake after portage: Quetico
Known campsites: 8+
Lake Description:

Quetico Lake is large and interesting. Many bays and arms, as well as a lovely series of pictographs along the north shore, to the north and east of Eden Island. Lots of folks base camp on this lake, so in spite of there being many campsites, it can be hard to find one if you get a late start!

Portage from Quetico into:
Quetico* *west bay

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