*Unnamed to Wicksteed
*W of Wicksteed (NW of Gratton)

Quetico portage
Posted by: Lynn Voss
Season/Year: Spring 00
Water Level: average
Length: 35 rods
Rating: easy
Additional Perspectives:

Portage Description:
Easy portage along the stream. If you ever get the chance try this one when the suckers are spawning. Counted 28 eagles on this portage.

Lake after portage: Wicksteed
Known campsites: 3
Lake Description:

Nice camp on the island off the peninsula from the south shore. Wicksteed can grab you when the white horses are dancing.

Portage from Wicksteed into:

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Sarah to Side
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shelley to montgomery
Sheridan to That Man
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Side to Unnamed*
Side to Unnamed*
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Slate to Unnamed*
Slate to Unnamed (towards Blackstone)
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Snow to Your
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Stanton Bay to Pickerel
Star to Fauquier
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Sturgeon to Moxness
Sturgeon to Olifaunt
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Sturgeon* to Russell
Sturgeon to Russell
Sturgeon to Russell
Sucker to Basswood*
Sue to Cirrus
Sultry to Summer
Summer to Noon
Sunday to Burke
Sunday to Goodier
Sunday to Meadows
Suzanette to Conmee
Suzanette to Conmee (Eastern portage)
Suzanette to Darkey River
Swamp to Saganaga
Tanner to Darky River
Tanner to Minn
Ted to Hurn
Ted to Milt
That Man to No Man
That Man to Sheridan
That Man to Unnamed*
This Man to Other Man
Threemile to Wolseley
Trant to Kahshahpiwi
Trouser to Cache
Trousers to Cache
Tuck to Unnamed*
Tuck River to Robinson
Turn to Unnamed*
Twin to Dore
Twin to Sturgeon
Twin Lakes to Sturgeon Lake
Unnamed* to Basswood*
Unnamed* to Baswood Lake
Unnamed* to Beaverhouse
Unnamed* to Beaverhouse
Unnamed* to Bell
Unnamed* to Bewag
Unnamed* to Bewag
Unnamed to Bewag
Unnamed* to Bit
Unnamed* to Burke
Unnamed* to Cirrus
Unnamed* to Cone
Unnamed* to Cone
Unnamed* to Emerald
Unnamed* to Fern
Unnamed* to Fran
Unnamed* to Glacier
Unnamed* to Gratton
Unnamed* to Grey
Unnamed* to Grey
Unnamed* to Joyce
Unnamed* to Joyce
Unnamed* to Kahshahpiwi
Unnamed* to Kahshahpiwi lake
Unnamed* to Kett
Unnamed* to Marj
Unnamed* to Nest
Unnamed* to Nym*
Unnamed* to Other Man
Unnamed to Pond
Unnamed* to Shade
Unnamed* to Suzanette
Unnamed* to Turn
Unnamed* to Unnamed*
Unnamed* to Unnamed*
Unnamed* to Unnamed*
Unnamed* to Unnamed*
Unnamed* to Unnamed*
Unnamed to Unnamed (between McIntyre and Earl)
Unnamed* to West
Unnamed* to Yum Yum
Unnamed* Lerome TO Bewag to Bewag
Unnamed (on route from McIntyre) to Earl
Unnamed (on route to McIntyre) to Earl
Unnamed (towards Blackstone) to Blackstone
Unnnamed to Blackstone
Veron to Delahey
Walter to Draper
Walter to Lonely
West to Unnamed*
West to Unnamed*
Wet to McEwen
Wicksteed to Ballard
Wicksteed to Darky
William to Conmee
William Lake to Darky River - Minn lake
Williams to Ahsin B
Wink to Poohbah
Wolseley to Bearpelt
Yeh to Lonely
Your to Fair
Your to Snow
Your to Wildgoose
Yum Yum to Armin
Yum Yum to Kahshahpiwi
Yum Yum to Kashapiwi

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